Our wish is to provide the true delicious taste of the fruits.

We are a little farm started by a couple who moved to Miyazaki in 2008.

We grow mangoes and other Miyazaki fruits as well as producing and selling products such as confiture.


“TOKI NO SHIZUKU mango” is the highest grade of mango and has been branded at our farm creating one of the highest ranks in taste in Miyazaki Prefecture. Our high class confitures centered on “TOKI NO SHIZUKU mango” are products between a jam and sauce, with the purpose of sealing in authentic flavor and we would like to expand our original confiture products.


Our target in the future is to create natural energy in the world of agriculture as well as aiming for an environmentally friendly cultivation method. We can make a break from fossil fuels or electricity usage by generating biomass electric power from agricultural products.

Therefore, we cultivate mainly mango which has high added value.


     Executive Director Koji Kimura
     13509-32, Kawaminami, Kawaminami-cho, Koyu-gun, Miyazaki, 889-1301, Japan
         E-mail :  agristream.kimura@rondo.ocn.ne.jp
            Fax      :  +81-983-27-1211

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