Granted the highest rank of three stars

from the International Taste & Quality Institute

International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi)

The International Taste & Quality Institute is an independent institute where superior tasting food and beverage from all over the world are judged and recognized and its headquarters is located in Brussels, the capital city of the Kingdom of Belgium.

The judging groups are composed of a variety of different nationalities. A large judging group examines products and judges are top-class chefs and sommeliers belonging to the authoritative 13 Professional Chef Associations and International Sommelier Association (ASI; Association de la sommellerie international) in Europe.  

At the time of judging, judges are blindfolded and product packaging or anything that can determine a product are eliminated. Then products entered to the competition will be assigned a different bar code in order to track. All products in the competition are prepared and follow the producer’s exact instructions and are provided as you consume at home.

Each judge conducts sensory analysis and scores overall taste (highest ratio at final examination) and other standards such as aroma, texture and flavor.



“TOKI NO SHIZUKU mango” from KIMURA FARM is the ingredient. We are devoted to bottle mango as it is. Therefore, we eliminate anything unnecessary such as things to harden it. We only add granulated sugar and Hebesu citrus grown in Miyazaki Prefecture. When you apply it on yogurt, you may feel the luxurious mango flesh. Enjoy the feeling of being able to have “TOKI NO SHIZUKU mango” throughout the year.


The main variety from the Tsuno Winery located in Tsuno Town, Miyazaki Prefecture, Campbell Early Grape is the ingredient. It is a grape for wine and it has deep flavorful taste with body. We simmer grapes with peels on because it brings more authentic grape flavor, then carefully separate peels and seeds and fill fruit into confiture. This confiture provides you the rich and mellow flavor of Campbell Early Grapes.


This is a mix of superior varieties from Fukuoka Prefecture, “TOYOMITSUHIME” and “HORAISHI”. “TOYOMITSUHIME” has extremely delicious flavor and “HORAISHI” has vivid beautiful color. We don’t add anything unnecessary and simmer until it has loose sauce texture. Our target sugar content is at 50%, we set the best-before date maximum to a year from the date produced at room temperature and maintain absolutely safe productivity. This low sugar content is consciously set due to keep the taste, flavor and aroma of the fruit as much as possible. Furthermore, the flavor is enhanced by adding “honey”.


This is a mix of five kinds of blueberries including Tifblue blueberry and rabbit-eye blueberry that are grown at KIMURA FARM. We simmer large sized blueberries and you will feel the taste of fresh blueberry. If you simmer blueberry well, it hardens right away. If you don’t simmer enough, lumps and water are separated in the jar. We keep it in between the stage of jam and sauce, which requires high technique, persistently simmering within 3kg of ingredients and finally the smooth confiture is brought to perfection.


Soldum plum grown at KONO FARM in Tsuno Town, Miyazaki Prefecture is the ingredient. A couple who is in their eighties carefully grows soldum plums and the fully ripe fruit on the tree has fresh sweetness and appropriate amount of sourness. They sincerely carry out their task including the first pruning in the intense heat in summer, the second pruning in the cold weather in winter and harvesting in heavy rain in the rainy season. There is no reason the soldum plums won’t taste good. We all may be blessed by enjoying good old sour-sweet plum.


“YAYOIHIME” grown in NISHIMURA FARM in Kawaminami Town, Miyazaki Prefecture is the ingredient.

In this region, “SAGAHONOKA” is the common variety, but “YAYOIHIME” is the deep and rich variety that draws the line. It is the only farm that has succeeded in cultivating strawberries in the mild climate in this region and their technique is beyond excellence. Anthocyanin in strawberry deteriorates by ultraviolet light. That is why they add some blueberry juice from our farm, and they consequently succeed in keeping very beautiful red color that doesn’t fade out. Pouring some the strawberry confiture onto ordinary vanilla ice cream transforms it in to extraordinarily delicious ice cream. Try it and enjoy!

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