Fruit Sheets

“新果の美 シート”

Shinka-no-bi Sheets

Until yesterday I wanted to make something that was not in the world
Fruit sheets

KIMURA FARM's "Toki-no-shizuku" Mango, blueberries and other fruits from Miyazaki Japan were made into sheets.

Fruit 100%, an evolution version of dried fruits made without adding extra things.

Size is 15 cm × 25 cm, The thickness is about 0.6 mm.

It is shaped like Japanese dried seaweed but it with a moist.
It be able to wrap, cut, rolled and It changes to various forms.

Plese use it for ingredients of cooking materials and sweets.

Mango Sheet

- Raw materials -

Mango puree

Soldum Sheet

- Raw materials -

Soldum puree

Beat granulated sugar

Raspberry Sheet

- Raw materials -


Beat granulated sugar

Blueberry Sheet

- Raw materials -

Blueberry puree

Beat granulated sugar

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