Fruits miso paste

“果と味噌 甘露”

Ka-to-miso Amatsuyu

Until yesterday I wanted to make something that was not in the world
Fruits miso paste

It is a sauce made puree from fruits harvested in Miyazaki, combined with Japanese-made miso.

It is a product supervised by Ms. Atsuko Kato who is a owner chef of a Japanese restaurant [Rakan] in Shuzenji.

It is a product that blended fruit such as "Western style" mango and Shiro miso of "Japanese" taste.

It is also possible to use as paste as it is.

Please think about the idea by the chef.

There is a possibility as a wonderful material.

It exhibited at SIAL Paris, Europe's largest international general food trade fair held in Paris in October 2018, and received high praise.


Mango miso paste type1

Mango puree


※ Red liquor

Citrus juice

Plum(Soldum) miso paste

Soldum puree


​※ Red liquor

Yuzu miso


Yuzu puree


​※ Red liquor

Mango miso paste type2

Mango puree


※Red liquor

Ginger juice

​※ We can make the fruits miso paste that uses rice-malt instead of red liquor.
Please inquire the price etc.  

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