Mango honey is produced by mixing “TOKINO SHIZUKU mango” and pure honey from domestic grown orange flower.

Southern rich aroma and taste distinguished to “TOKINO SHIZUKU mango” and refreshing aroma and sour-sweetness unique to orange flower are blended to make a one and only taste and aroma in this world.

It is an important technique to blend after the sterilization for enzymes in mango fruit to not deteriorate the honey.

Someone who has the sense of smell like a pastry chef will be able to find refreshing citrus aroma in mango.

Even people who don’t like honey may enjoy mango honey which has blended honey and mango safely.

We found the best blend after numerous tries from mango honey ratio 1:9 to 9:1.

As for honey it is low calorie so we may have it safely.

The honey goes well with a cup of black tea and it entices a good afternoon tea,

When you put our honey on pancakes, toasted bread or yogurt, they will become luxurious.

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